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With Auxbus, it’s never been easier—or faster—to capture the attention of your brand’s followers and add depth to your marketing. Our complete, end-to-end platform makes podcasting lightweight and approachable.

Why create a podcast for your business?

Amplify your brand with podcasting

Creating high-quality audio recordings with our platform makes it easier than ever to grab the attention of your market and build an audience of captivated listeners.

Listen while you work is the new whistle while you work

Audio is engaging and convenient all at once. It is enjoyed by listeners as they accomplish daily tasks like cooking, driving, and doing laundry – audio media such as podcasts transform everyday tasks into educational and entertaining activities.

People crave human connection

Words that are spoken contain intention, context and emotion that help form a connection between you and your listener. A good podcast will leave a lasting impression on its audience. By utilizing your voice to personalize your brand, you build a reputation people can trust.


Need a microphone?

Upgrade to an Unlimited yearly plan and we'll ship a Neat Widget USB microphone to you. Get started with a high quality mic!

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